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We assemble the highest quality data rooms for acquisition projects, from niche verticals to broad sectors, our desktop research provides a springboard to future activity. We will then identify, reach, and engage every opportunity we can for you. With mainly off-market target companies many of these opportunities will be exclusive to your project. We also enhance this work with the deal flow of companies actively FOR SALE, some of which are public, but many are sourced through our extensive network of partners and advisors.

It’s a compelling proposition: we find, contact, and persuade shareholders to speak to our clients. We then work alongside both parties to realize the right valuation, deal structure, offer, and eventual transaction. These are the main reasons clients choose California Business Brokers®: we save time, while offering momentum in your deal sourcing for acquisition. It’s clear, that the more opportunities you see, the greater your chances of finding the right one.

About us - Our Team

Management Team

Christina Lazuric Woscoff

Christina Lazuric Woscoff, renowned for her exceptional acumen in the realms of business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions (M&A), is a prominent figure in the industry. Her journey began with a profound interest in business dynamics, nurtured by her education in economics and finance. Christina pursued her academic passions vigorously, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, followed by an MBA with a focus on Finance and Industrial Business Strategy from leading universities.

Her approach is characterized by a unique blend of decisiveness and innovation, fostering a culture of excellence within her team. She places great emphasis on building strong networks in the industry, facilitating growth and collaboration.

Christina is deeply involved in the wider business community, often participating in seminars and workshops as a speaker and mentor. She is passionate about empowering upcoming entrepreneurs and business leaders, sharing her insights and experiences. In her personal life, Christina is an avid reader of economic literature, enjoys exploring emerging business technologies, and engages in outdoor activities for leisure.

Renowned for her insightful and practical approach to business brokerage and M&A, Christina Lazuric Woscoff is a highly sought as consultant and advisor for multinational companies worldwide.

CA Lic #01495314 

Leo Woscoff Business Broker California Business Brokers

Leo Woscoff
Managing Partner

Leo Woscoff is a dynamic and highly respected figure in the field of business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions (M&A), stands as a testament to the power of innovative thinking and strategic leadership in the corporate world.

Under Leo’s guidance, his firm has been recognized as the “Best Business Brokers Firm in the Industry” and has been ranked as the “No.1 M&A Firm” in terms of closure rates. His innovative strategies in business sales, mergers, and acquisitions have significantly contributed to the firm’s outstanding success rate. Leo’s expertise in providing realistic business valuations has been a cornerstone of the firm’s reputation since 2015.

CA Lic #01976677

Brad Mewes

Brad Mewes

Brad has a hands-on perspective of the automotive aftermarket industry because he literally grew up in a shop, working in and running his family’s bodyshop. But he also has an MBA from UC Irvine (where he graduated top 12% of his class), an undergraduate degree in International Economics (George Washington University), and is an instructor of Financial Analysis at UC Irvine

CA Lic #02066240

Brett Prater California Business Brokers Team

Brett Prater

Brett has been in the real estate industry for 6 years. He has a degree in psychology and was also an athlete in college. He enjoys traveling and currently has many hobbies including jiujitsu and disc golf, to name a few. He has lived in Southern California his entire life and has worked in many different industries including fitness, insurance, real estate, automotive, and restaurant.

CA Lic #01996310

California Office Agents

Nancy K. McKain California Business Brokers

Nancy K. McKain

Nancy K. McKain brings extensive experience in the real estate industry, in a management capacity. Before managing a luxury real estate boutique in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years, she began her career with 20th Century Fox, where she worked her way through the ranks to become the first female sales rep in the company’s history at the time. During her time at Fox, she was introduced to the Luxury Real Estate market. Shortly thereafter, she managed an upscale real estate company for a broker whose moniker was “Broker to the Stars”.

With her depth of experience in both the Entertainment and Luxury Real Estate Industries, Nancy fully understands and appreciates the importance of privacy and discretion.

CA Lic #01070670

Jeremy Roemer - California Business Brokers Agent

Jeremy Roemer

Jeremy Roemer has an extensive background in small business consulting and growth. He started small business consulting in 2008 and quickly took on clients. Jeremy has worked directly with over 1,000 small businesses in Orange County and the surrounding area, helping them with increasing value and profitability, organizing data and records in a way that can be easily consumed, and preparing businesses to be sold or to open additional locations. He holds a Real Estate license with the California Department of Real Estate. Jeremy specializes in reading business reports, advising businesses on proven methods to increase profitability, prospecting, and professionalism.

With 13 years of experience working hands-on with small business owners of all types, Jeremy has the tenacity and connections to create the best plan of action to sell your business. Deal with a professional, get professional results!

CA Lic #02154338

Eli Azuaje

Eli Azuaje

Always determined and persistent Eli Azuaje has had a long-established track record of success in the service and sales sectors across multiple industries. A history that has allowed him to be very successful in his tenure as a dedicated business broker. Engaging in business brokerage services in the Body Shop, Auto Mechanical Repair, Restaurant, Janitorial, and other emerging sectors of businesses. Eli started his foray in the real estate industry back in 2009 during one of his breaks from the service industry as a top sales agent for an emerging mortgage loan origination company at the time earning presidents club distinction and often ranking within the top 3 agents in the company with a total sales staff of well over 100 agents at any given time.

During his college years, Eli worked full time as an independent appraiser and consultant eventually becoming the go-to independent consultant for the top 10 insurance companies, and top 3 ranking J.D. Power and associates for customer service rated companies as well as specialty insurance companies like Lloyd’s of London and Chubb Group.

Through his work experience, Eli has been blessed with working directly with company clients often ranging from free market warriors who have established quite a niche in their industries to fortune 500 companies establishing lasting bonds with company owners or high-level executives within the company. This has allowed Eli to establish a rapport with a huge contact list across multiple business platforms so really no matter what business size large or small Eli has worked with them all, signature service from start to finish. He embodies our California Business Broker motto. Deal with a professional, get professional results!

CA Lic #02142666

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