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Businesses which are not actively seeking Buyers but are open to opportunistic offers.

Basic Business Profile
(Includes 1 image and basic information)
No Business Proposals


Businesses which want to get proactive by inviting Buyers to view their profile.


With 10 Day Free Trial

Premium Business Profile
(Includes 2 images and detailed information)
20 Business Proposals
Speedy Profile Activation


Businesses seeking to fast-track the deal by inviting Top Buyers and maximize offers.



Premium Business Profile
(Includes 4 images and detailed information)
50 Business Proposals
Speedy Profile Activation
Top 10 Buyers
NDA Support


Businesses which require transaction support including business advice & valuation.



Premium Business Profile
(Includes up to 10 images and detailed information)
UNLIMITED Business Proposals
Speedy Profile Activation
Top 50 Buyers
NDA Support
Collaterals Preparation
Account Manager
Accelerated Marketing


Community Business Brokers is a platform where various types of businesses can be sold, including established businesses that are currently operating in various industries such as retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, services, healthcare, technology, finance, etc. Additionally, the platform also allows you to list business assets such as equipment, licenses, etc. of non-operating or closed businesses for sale. So, whether you’re looking to buy or sell an existing business, equipment, licenses or real estate, Community Business Brokers can be a useful platform to explore your options.

At Community Business Brokers, the cost of a listing depends on the membership tier you choose. Basic listings are free, but they have limited capabilities and cannot receive business proposal contacts for the listing. If you want to receive business proposals for your listing, you will need to upgrade to the Active Membership tier, which comes with a 10-day free trial. After the free trial period, the monthl y cost of the Active Membership tier is listed on the Membership Pricing Page, along with other membership tiers. The monthly fees start at $135.00 USD. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the full features of the platform, including the ability to receive business proposals for your listings, you will need to upgrade to a paid membership tier.

Yes, at Community Business Brokers, you can buy a listing for one month only. However, keep in mind that finding the right buyer for your business may take time and effort, and it’s not always possible to sell a business quickly. Therefore, we recommend listing your business for several months to give it more exposure and increase the chances of finding the right buyer. This will also allow you to take advantage of any promotional offers or discounts that might be available for longer-term listings. Ultimately, the decision on how long to list your business is up to you, but we recommend giving your listing ample time to attract potential buyers and receive offers.
Business Proposals are leads from verified investors.
Top Buyers are suitable cash buyers or buyers that have been buying businesses like yours.

With our Basic Business Listing, a basic business profile can be created. You will then have the possibility to see how much interest it generates, including potential verified buyer requests called Business Proposals. With Basic Business, you won’t have the ability to interact with our Business Proposals, whereas in the premium subscriptions, you will be able to access and interact with a certain number of proposals depending on which level is chosen. Not only that, but our premium subscriptions each add their own value to assist to sell your business for the highest price possible. Please visit our Membership Pricing page to find the best option for you.

On our active business plan, your paid listing term starts 10 days after purchase. This grace period gives you extra time to collect and/or edit information in your listing if you need it.
Your phone number will serve as the contact number for the listing and account. It can be changed after account creation as needed.
To start, we ask for account setup and payment information. After your account is created, you will have access to your business listing dashboard where you will have the option to create your business listing. Here, you will fill out your business information (details will be different depending on whether you have a basic listing page or a premium listing page. You will have the option to edit your listing as well after publishing.
When creating a title for your business-for-sale listing on Community Business Brokers, it’s important to be descriptive and succinct. The title should clearly state the type of business you are selling and provide a bit of additional information to make it stand out. Remember that many people will find your listing through internet searches, so it’s important to keep the title relatively short and easy to read. For example, a good title might be “Profitable Italian Restaurant” or “Specialized Athletic Clothing Manufacturer”. You don’t need to include “For Sale” in the title, as we will include that information in the listing description. By following these tips, you can create a title that effectively communicates the key features of your business and attracts potential buyers.
At the end of your monthly term, your listing will proceed at your monthly rate so you can continue to reach the largest audience of business buyers with month-to-month flexibility. You can cancel at any time.
Yes, but your listing will expire at the end of your term and be removed from our network of websites.
Typically, no commission is owed when you sell your business with us! In some rare cases, a customer asks us to refer them to our in-house Broker, who requires a commission. If this interests you, please contact us to be put in contact with our Broker.
No. We only accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for payment.
No. To maintain our low-cost structure and listing fees, all listings are placed through the online form on our website.
While we understand that our marketing outreach is impressive, we do not offer marketing plans without the intention of selling at the moment.